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We offer family style, mixed-age, collaborative classrooms.

Typical Day

Our typical day consists of a 3 hour morning work cycle, followed by circle time, lunch, and outdoor time. The work cycle is the main time for lessons and practice. The path each child takes is individualized. In addition to planned lessons, we have a large number of lessons and activities pre-planned, so that if we notice the timing is right, we can give those lessons at a moment's notice.

Children who stay for the afternoon get an additional work cycle. Depending on the child, the afternoon may also include a nap.


Our curriculum covers preschool, preK, Kindergarten, and grades 1 through 6.

Our teachers guide each child on an individualized path throughout the curriculum. Along the way, children are exposed to practical life skills; guided sensorial explorations; written & spoken language skills (including some foreign language exposure); as well as math, geometry, biology, geography, history, music & the arts, and various cultural studies.

We have the materials and expertise to support any child, from infants to 12 years of age.

Record System

We are using an internal record system that automatically shares a lot of information directly with parents. You should be able to log in and see what your child has been working on, throughout the year.


Snacks are provided in the room and consist mainly of fruit. Children often cut & prepare the snacks for themselves and their friends, under the teacher's guidance. Water is provided. On occasion, we also like to bake bread and make things like smoothies and cucumber "sushi".

Outdoor Area

Our outdoor area is not only for play, but also used for outdoor lessons, and as a garden.


Located on Route 1 in Milton, DE

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Our Staff
Our faculty is made up of highly qualified individuals, committed to Montessori Education and nurturing the children in their care. Meet our staff.